“Modern Melancholia Club Tour” 2023

Mo, 25.09.23
Maschinenhaus, Berlin

Einlass: 19:00 / Beginn: 20:00
Preis: 26,50€ zzgl. Geb.

Hinweis: Das Konzert musste leider abgesagt werden! Alle bisher erworbenen Tickets können ab sofort dort zurück gegeben werden wo sie gekauft wurden.

Statement Fil Bo Riva:

Hello everyone,

I spent a lot of time thinking whether or not to write this post, and finally decided to tell you all what's been going on. I've been struggling with mental health issues for some time now, and in May it hit me in a way I never thought possible. That's why we had to cancel all the summer shows and other things. Right now I'm focusing on my health, taking a break and trying to find my way back into life, but I had to realize that recovery takes time, a lot of work and also help from others.

All this means that unfortunately I have to cancel the tour in September and postpone the album until next year. Yes, it breaks my heart to know that everything we've been working on for the past few years will be moved into the future, but it's the only right way at the moment. In the meantime, anyone who bought tickets for the shows or pre-ordered „modern melancholia“ can of course return their purchases and get a full refund. My team will be able to help you if you have any questions. For now I don't have an exact answer on when the album release or a new tour will be, but I will let you know as soon as we are able to plan properly. I hope you can understand, and I'm honestly looking forward to coming back with good news soon.

Take care of yourselves until then ❤️ Love, Fil

Achtung: Kauft keine Tickets bei Drittanbietern (z.B. eBay, Kleinanzeigen, Ticketbande, Viagogo etc.), euch unbekannten Profilen bei FB / IG, da diese meist gefälscht bzw. nicht gültig sind und ihr damit nicht reinkommt! Ein sicherer Ticketkauf ist nur über offizielle VVK-Stellen, die Artist Website oder die Ticket-Links auf dieser Website garantiert.

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Knaackstraße 97, 10435 Berlin

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FIL BO RIVA is back with a new song and has just announced his next studio album called ‘Modern Melancholia’ to be released in September 2023. To celebrate this new piece of music, there will be an exclusive tour in intimate venues to give his closest fans a chance to experience this emotional album as authentic as possible.

About the song, FIL BO RIVA says:
"Everything's Illusion" is probably the song I had lying around the longest.

It was actually supposed to be a slow ballad and appear on my first album, but I never managed to finish it. Then in 2021, during the cold Berlin winter, I picked it up again and finally finished writing it. This song reflects the feeling of infinite possibilities we have in this world: always wanting more, always wanting everything, always being able to get what we want right now. "See the moon rising, see the sun smiling, but I just want more" clearly shows this feeling of never being satisfied with the world, our lives and the things we already have. In a way it is a hymn to today's society and describes my personal view on an overstimulated and unreflective modern capitalistic world. Because ultimately it all boils down to one illusion: who are we as humans to know what we really need?

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